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January 21, 2018
Notice of Trusteeship

After I received a series of credible reports from members and officers of Local 50 alleging improper use of Union resources and other violations of the International Constitution and the Local’s Bylaws, I appointed a Personal Representative to meet with the officers and discuss these allegations with the Local’s membership. An International Auditor was also assigned to conduct a detailed review of the Local’s financial records.
Download: 50_Trusteeship_Notice.PDF

Bruce Rauner Ruins Lives

Bruce Rauner will go down in history as one of the worst Illinois governors in history. His track record includes failing to fund Illinois' plethora of public colleges, community rape crisis centers, as well as religious and nondenominational charities and social services. The danger that this multi-millionaire businessman represents to the workers - as well as all people - of Illinois is something that can no longer be ignored.

Bruce Rauners supports the notions that the minimum wage is where it should be, state workers are paid too much, and millionaire and billionaire businessmen and women deserve tax breaks. His beliefs, which are being thrust onto the Illinois public, are things many of our citizens do not believe in and are tangibly negatively affected by. It is imperative that as part of Teamsters Local 50 and citizens of Illinois, we stand up against a ruthless businessman intent on furthering his personal agenda and stuffing his pockets at the state's expense.

Visit to learn more about why Bruce Rauner is not the politician Illinois needs at this point in time. 

Labor Agennda June 2015

When 'Open Skies' Means Unfair Advantage

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