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February 07, 2016
HAZWOPER Training Opportunity

1609 N. ILLINOIS ST. - PO BOX 140 - BELLEVILLE, IL  62222



January 2016

Dear Teamsters' Sisters and Brothers;

General Teamsters Local Union No. 50 is pleased to announce upcoming training that has been scheduled for our members to fulfill certification required to work within the industry.  Participation in all training classes is a MUST in order for Teamsters to continue to offer "free" classes to our members.  Training classes for the following starting at 8am sharp:

Saturday, March 19, 2016                  HAZWOPER Training-8 hr refresher         Belleville

Sunday, March 20, 2016                     Forklift Training                                           Belleville

Please RSVP to the Belleville office:  618/233-0313 as soon as possible due to ONLY 20 spots PER DAY available.

HAZWOPER is designed for workers who are involved in clean-up operations, voluntary clean-up operations, emergency response operations, and storage, disposal, or treatment of hazardous substances or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.  Workers must have 40 hours of initial training and at least three days of supervised field experience before they are allowed to enter the site required by OSHA. 

Operating a FORKLIFT is involved in the majority of warehouse/construction jobs which requires forklift certification as required by OSHA. If an employee is not correctly trained and certified on how to use a forklift, their incompetence could lead to serious material damage, personal injury, or even death in the workplace.

REMEMBER--without certification, the Employer has the right to send you back to the hall and reject you as an employee.  Employers are held to the highest standards when bidding projects for Federal and State. 

Please feel free to contact me at (618) 233-0313 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday if additional information is needed.


Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander, President

General Teamsters, Automotive, Petroleum and Allied Trades

Local Union No. 50

James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

TO: All  Affiliates

FROM: James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund


Recently, materials for applying for the annual scholarships of the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund were sent to all affiliate local unions and Joint Councils.  As a supplement, attached is a PDF file of those materials.


The scholarship program is a terrific opportunity for the sons and daughters of Teamster members (this includes BLET, BMWED and GCC members).  In 2016, the Fund plans to award $1.2 million in scholarship awards.


Please encourage your members who have children which are high-school seniors to apply.   The deadline for the applications is March 31, 2016.


Any questions about the program can be directed to the scholarship program office at (202) 624-6800 or by e-mail


Thank you.

Attached Documents Here

Labor Agennda June 2015

When 'Open Skies' Means Unfair Advantage

Statement from Rep. Hoffman - May 16th



         ...From State Representative Jay Hoffman

May 16, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Right to Work Closing Argument

on House Floor 


Working men and women received an enormous victory this week in Springfield when the House of Representatives resoundedly defeated the Governor's Right to Work proposal.

As Chairman of the Labor & Commerce Committee I am committed to continuing to stand up for working families in Illinois.

The link below is part of the debate from the House floor this week. I am sending this in case you are interested in the closing argument.

Thanks for your generous time and consideration. If I can ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jay Hoffman
State Representative
113th District

# # #

Statement from Rep. Hoffman - May 14th



         ...From State Representative Jay Hoffman


For Immediate Release:                                 For More Information:                                                                                May 14, 2015                                                  State Rep. Jay Hoffman                                                                                                                                                               618-416-7407

Hoffman Pushes House to Take Public Vote Against Threat to Middle Class Families


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - After leading a public debate and vote against legislation threatened to harm working class families, state Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea, issued the following statement upon the bill's defeat in the House Thursday:

"Today the House voted down a measure that that the Governor has stumped for time and time again and used as a means to hold hostage any productive conversations about the budget. This ill-conceived plan would dramatically hurt middle-class families. It would mean dismantling the protections that have been put in place for the safety of workers, the prosperity of workers, and the future of our children. I led the debate in order to have an open and public hearing on this dangerous proposal and to make a clear statement about who is standing for middle class families in Illinois. I voted no, and I am encouraged by the strong message sent by the failure of this legislation.

"This proposal values corporate profits more than the livelihoods of middle class families. Driving down wages starts a spiral of economic destruction for families, communities and small businesses. It is the wrong way to go.

"As Chair of the House Labor and Commerce Committee, I have fought for the rights of working men and women across Illinois. Today's vote is one more way I am making my commitment clear to middle class families. Our state will not turn its back on those who keep our communities afloat through service as teachers, fire fighters, carpenters and technicians.

"Those who voted no sent a clear message to the governor and to working men and women that we will not turn our backs on middle class families and allow Illinois to be driven to a race to the bottom. Unfortunately, several of my colleagues stood on the sidelines and failed to take a stand for middle class families. I still believe that we can find common ground moving forward, but we needed to put this behind us to be able to address Illinois real problems and find real solutions."

# # #

Rauner Legislative Package

Rauner Legislative Package

Governor Bruce Rauner released the attached 38 page “turnaround agenda” yesterday at the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.

The detailed  Rauner agenda includes many provisions such as a  property tax freeze, tort reform, legislative term limits and combining the Comptroller and the Treasurer’s office.  However, the overwhelming majority of the agenda is aimed at working families. 

The following provisions are an assault on every sector of the Illinois Labor movement:

1.        Despite lower Workers’ Compensation costs from the 2011 agreed bill reforms, the Rauner agenda would include “causation” to be a “major contributing cause” standard before an injured worker could collect benefits; the requirement to use AMA guidelines in determining permanent partial disability awards, overturning an appellate court decision on injuries while travelling and reducing the medical fee schedule by 30%.

2.       Increasing the IL Minimum Wage to $10.00 by 2022 rather than the $11.00 by 2019 currently in the House and Senate

3.       In unemployment Insurance increases fraud penalties and redefines qualifications for UI for employees while not addressing misclassification employer fraud.

4.       Creation of Local Right to Work zones that could be created by a county board, municipality, school district or other unit of local government to make it “an unlawful to condition employment on the obligation to join a union or pay union-related dues within a zone.”  RTW zones could include private and public employees and could be formed for private sector workers in a Chicago City Ward.  The formation of a RTW zone could be accomplished by a resolution of the governing board of the unit of local government or by a referendum proposed by 5% of the registered voters in the jurisdiction. 

5.       Prohibits the use of PLA on State projects and repeals the Illinois Prevailing Wage Law. 

6.       Allows local governments to exclude from public collective bargaining  privatization, health care beneifts, staffing levels and seniority and allows the inclusion of pre-determined salary caps and performance standards.

7.       Allows municipalities to declare bankruptcy.

8.       Bans fair share union dues for all state government workers.

9.       Prohibits unions from making political contribution to campaigns of officeholders they have a collective bargaining relationship including mayors and school boards.

10.   For public employee pensions moves all employees future work into the Tier 2 program; buyout program to reform COLA adjustments in return for a 401k style plan and eliminates the pension protection clause in the IL Constitution.  Eliminates the provision of overtime to be used in pension calculations.

The Rauner plan also calls for the State to provide bidders on cosntruttion projects county specific minority participation goals as estabilished by IDOL and modifies Responsible Bidder requirements to include a good faith effort for reaching minority participation goals. 

Announcing: LU 347 Merger into LU 50

Welcome to Teamsters Local 50

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